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Who am I? My name is Dagmar Tomášková, I am 23 and I am very interested in working out and a healthy lifestyle. That is why I decided to get certified as a fitness trainer and I am planning on educating myself even further. I wanted to make this website so that I could represent myself and also spread information about these topics. I would be more than happy to help you with anything that is connected to fitness, so if you are interested, shoot me a dm on Instagram or Facebook! 🙂

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Steps to a healthier life

A lot of people who want to “be healthier”, lose fat, and gain muscles would like to have it done in five working days. But we all know that is not how it works. If we don’t know where to start with improving our health at all, the best place to start is the foundation – the basic steps towards a healthier routine. Before we start work out every day …

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Benefits of cardio training

After my article about the benefits of strength training, a lot of people have written me that they want to know the benefits of cardio as well! Ok, that is a lie, only a few people have written me. Nope, that is a lie as well, no one has written me. But you want to know anyway, right? So why should we do cardio? Strength training is ideal (apart from …

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Is weighing yourself good or bad?

I came across many opinions about how, when, and why to weigh or not weigh yourself. You should do it monthly, you should do it weekly, or you shouldn’t do it at all because it is just a stupid number and it doesn’t say anything about your worth. Soo… what is it? The answer to that question is once again not universal and I think it depends on the relationship …

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